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A phase III, randomized, open-label, multicenter study evaluating the efficacy and safety of giredestrant plus everolimus compared with exemestane plus everolimus in patiens with estrogen recepter positive, her2-negative, locally advance or metastatic breast cancer.

This is a research study that's in its third and final phase. They're comparing two different treatments for Estrogen Receptor positive HER-2 negative breast cancer. The study wants to see which of the 2 combinations (Giredestrant + Everolimus OR Exemestane+ Everolimus) works better for treating this type of breast cancer that responds to estrogen. They'll be checking how well the cancer responds to treatment, how long people live without the cancer getting worse, and how the patients feel during the treatment. This study is open-label and randomized.

Estrogen Receptor positive HER-2 negative: It is a type of breast cancer where cancer cells have estrogen receptors and are stimulated by the hormone estrogen to grow. These cells also have very little of the protein HER-2. This type of cancer tends to respond very well to therapy, since it tends to grow slowly.

Open-Label: Patients know which treatments are being given to them

Randomized: Patients are randomly assigned to one of two groups. It's like flipping a coin to decide who gets which treatment

For more information about the trial, click the link below:


Clinical Trial Site: Mount Sinai

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