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A 2-Part Open-Label Phase I Study of TAVO412 in Patients with Advanced or Metastatic Solid Tumors who progressed on prior approved standard of care therapy

This medical study involves two parts and is looking at a new treatment called TAVO412. The study is open-label, meaning everyone knows what treatment they're getting. It's in Phase I, which is an early stage to test safety. They are studying patients with advanced or spreading solid tumors who haven't responded well to standard treatments that are already approved. The goal is to see if TAVO412 is safe and potentially helpful for these patients.

Advanced: Advanced cancer means that the cancer cells from the original tumor (primary tumor) get loose, spread by traveling through the body, and start a new tumor (metastatic tumor) somewhere else in the body.

For more information about the trial, click the link below:


Clinical Trial Site: Sinai

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