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Community Partners

Community Partners play a critical role in the effectiveness of DISRUPT. We will work with Community Partners to ensure that DISRUPT is effective and relevant to the communities they serve

Who are Community Partners?

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Any community-based organization that serves folks in the Bronx, Northern Manhattan, Washington Heights, Harlem, or Upper East Side. Organizations can be faith-based, social or community services, advocacy groups, tenant associations, etc.

Through collaboration with Community Partners, we aim to achieve the following:


Evaluate community stakeholders’ attitudes and beliefs about cancer clinical trials and related issues


Design messages

and outreach approaches about clinical trials that

are aligned with community concerns


Design and conduct a community-wide Annual Assessment of Norms regarding clinical trials.


Establish Action-Research Partnerships with Community Partners to

implement strategies

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Because the DISRUPT project is about increasing awareness of and access to information about cancer clinical trials among Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, Community Partners play a critical role in this project. Researchers may lack critical knowledge and experience that Community Partners possess.

The research team values our Community Partners as experts. While the research team has developed a vision and framework of the project, the input of Community Partners will inform key components of the DISRUPT Project.

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