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New Call for Pilot Projects

Community Pilot Project RFA Applications are now open!

Announcing New Pilot Project Awardees

We are proud to announce the Pilot Project Awardees!

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Pilot Projects
and Citizen Science

Community pilot projects are designed to unite citizen scientists and early stage investigators on research projects to gain better understanding of the mechanisms of disease and treatment related to cancer health inequities in communities of black, indigenous and people of color.

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Cancer Health
Inequities Online

The  Cancer Health Inequity course  incorporates the impact of community involvement at every step in the scientific discovery continuum

Discoveries in basic science and clinical innovation in cancer care have been predominantly grounded in research with mostly white populations. Although basic science programs are working on cancers that are relevant to our communities, this program seeks to integrate community relevant concerns with basic science research to help promote discoveries in basic science and clinical innovation in cancer research that are directly relevant to these local communities. Community organizations working on SU2C will be involved in the selection of pilot projects. The intent being that teams will work on pilots that increase the relevancy of basic science discoveries to questions that are essential to reducing cancer health inequities.


Community pilot projects will be led by teams consisting of community citizen scientists and two early stage investigators, one each from the four participating sites (Columbia, Einstein/Montefiore, Mount Sinai and CUNY)

Introducing Pilot Awardees:

“Achieving Equity in Breast Cancer Surveillance Care: Pilot Study”

By Megan C Edmonds, MPH, PhD, Icahn School of Medicine Mount Sinai

Jasmine McDonald, PhD, Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center

Desiree Walker, Community Scientist

"Injectable Hydrogel-Nanomaterial Composites for Local Delivery and Detection of Doxorubicin for the Treatment of Triple Negative Breast Cancer"

Steven Nicoll, PhD, City College of New York

Ryan Williams, PhD, City College of New York

Hanna Irie, MD,  PhD,  Mount Sinai Hospital

Tiffany O'Donnell, Community Scientist

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Pilot Awardees

Cancer Health Inequalities Course

The  Cancer Health Inequity course  incorporates the impact of community involvement at every step in the scientific discovery continuum. The course will include topics such as structural inequities and bias that drive political impacts on health policy and social determinants of health such as disparities in biological determinants, education, housing, physical environment, transportation, and existing health care systems that either create or perpetuate health inequities or act as barriers to cutting edge treatment. The course will have core content for all levels and then have modules based on the setting (e.g., medical school, pre-doctoral and postdoctoral training). This course will be added to the curriculum of each of our institutions.

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